Campaign group ready if government fails to commit to Public Forest Estate – July 2012

Save Sherwood Forest logoIn expectation of the publication of the Independent Panel’s review of the public forest estate, due to be published on July 4 2012, Nottinghamshire campaign group, Save Sherwood Forest, is among groups around the country who have reminded the government that the people are ready to campaign against any proposal that does not address their concerns about, and hopes for, England’s public woods and forests.

Save Sherwood Forest is one of many groups around the country who have come together and signed up to the following public statement, which was put to government and sent out to all 171 MPs with public woods and forests within their constituencies:

“We believe that public ownership of the Public Forest Estate must be secured through new legislation. The rich cultural, historical and natural diversity of our forests and woods, and full access to them, is best protected under the continued stewardship of the Forestry Commission, fully resourced to sustainably manage and expand our multi-purpose Public Forest Estate now and in the future.”

The statement is supported by a recent survey in which nearly 90% of respondents felt that the Public Forest Estate merited ongoing taxpayer support. The survey also showed the willingness of the public to come out in defence of their patch of public woodland if the government fails to deliver on public aspirations for our woods & forests. Caroline Lucas MP formed an Early Day Motion, in support of the statement, which was tabled in parliament at the end of June.

Full details of the statement and the groups involved around the country can be found at:

The summary of the survey carried out can found at:

Our representatives are available for comment following publication of the report should any further information be required.

Download the PDF of this press release here:  SSF_ReportPublicaiton_July2012


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