Public asked to “Have their say” – June 2011

Save Sherwood Forest logoCampaign group announces public meeting about threatened woodland

Save Sherwood Forest today, Wednesday, June 22 2011, send an open invitation to the people of Nottinghamshire to an event at which they can have their say on the threats to the county’s woodlands and open spaces.

On June 28 2011, members of the public will be able to meet with Stephanie Hilborne, Chief Executive of the Wildlife Trusts, who is a member of the government’s expert panel commissioned to oversee the proposed changed to publicly-owned Forestry Commission land in the UK.

She will be joined by Steve Holdsworth, chair of the Forestry Commission Trade Unions, who will be able to give members of the public insights into how the proposed changes are, and will be, affecting our public spaces and the lives of those who look after them.

Stephanie says of the opportunity: “I am looking forward to meeting local people from Sherwood in my role as CEO of The Wildlife Trusts and as someone living in Nottinghamshire.  The Wildlife Trusts know how deeply people care about the future of their woodlands across the UK.  We have a vision of A Living Landscape, a recovery plan for nature which involves enlarging, improving and joining up areas of land to create a connected ecological network across the UK.
“To fulfil this vision, we need to secure the best use and management of land for the benefit of people and wildlife.  The future of woods and forests like Sherwood matter to all of us.  Not just for their trees, but also for the value of the open areas, such as glades and heathland, to wildlife and people.  There is great potential for the public forest estate to make a contribution to the large-scale habitat restoration sought in the Natural Environment White Paper published on 7 June.  By taking the right decisions about its own estate, the government has a key opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to securing nature’s recovery.”

Steve says: “The greatest frustration for our staff is that the Forestry Commission has been tasked with rushing through the most savage cuts we have ever seen: a 25% reduction in staff and a doubling in size of our local management units.
“Just to be clear this means that the Sherwood Forest District will now cover an area from Lincoln to Liverpool!  To take another example: the West District will go from Shrewsbury to Cornwall.  I hope that local people will take the opportunity to learn what this will mean for the future of areas like Sherwood Forest.”

The event takes place at Nottingham Friends Meeting House, 25 Clarendon Street, NG1 5JD at 7.30pm. We hope that the people of Nottinghamshire, and other areas, will attend.

The flyer for the event can be downloaded here:  SSF_PMFlyer

Download the PDF of the press release here:  SSF_062011_PM

This was covered by the Nottingham Post and can be read here and here


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