Rambling on…one year on – March 2012

Save Sherwood Forest logoRamble at Sherwood Pines marks one-year anniversary

Save Sherwood Forest have announced another ramble for Sunday 18 March to mark the one-year anniversary of the government’s u-turn on the proposal to sell off the public forest estate.

The walk will also mark World Forest day on 21 March and the one-year anniversary of the campaign, set up by the people of Nottinghamshire, to resist the sell-off and celebrate our ongoing commitment to Sherwood Forest and our determination to ensure its place in all our futures.

The government’s Expert Panel has recently published its interim report, which appears to have taken on board many of the criticisms that were levelled at the government’s original proposals to sell off the forest estate. The final report is expected later this year.

We remain concerned for the future viability of the Forestry Commission given the recent cuts to funding and we strongly support the continuing expert stewardship and management by the Forestry Commission. The future of other local woodland has been jeopardised by the ruthless cuts to the ranger staff by the County Council and the withdrawal of amenities from public spaces.

There remains an important campaigning role to ensure that Sherwood Forest continues to be an important public amenity and cultural reference for the people of Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and adjacent counties…not forgetting the global reach of the legends and stories associated with the forests in this area. We recognise the need to shape our landscape for the uncertain future that will be strongly influenced by the impacts of climate change: forests and woods will surely play an important role in the mitigation and adaptation.

The group is inviting the people of Nottinghamshire and beyond to join us for a morning ramble at Sherwood Pines on Sunday March 18. We will be assembling at the large notice board adjacent to the main car park, mid way to the cafe, from 10:00 and setting off at 10:30am.

Entertainment will be provided by Dave Wood, fresh from his Perambulations around the perimeter of Sherwood Forest, and are hoping for some musical interludes along the way from members of the Clarion Choir and other musicians. We expect to be done by 12:30pm, in time for everyone to enjoy lunch on Mother’s Day.

Download the PDF of this press release here: SSFcampaign_Feb2012RambleAnnounce

You can see the pictures of the 2012 Ramble here

This was covered by the Nottingham Post and can be read here


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