Save Sherwood Forest’s reaction to the Queen’s speech

No Protection for our Public Forests in the Queen’s Speech

The campaign group Save Sherwood Forest, along with other community groups, have campaigned for over three years to secure a properly protected and adequately resourced Public Forest Estate.  We are therefore extremely disappointed and puzzled that the Queen’s Speech did not include a draft Forestry Bill.

The Government has squandered its final opportunity to introduce legislation to give lasting protection to the public woodlands of England, which are enjoyed by 40 million people annually.  Our woodlands remain at risk from sell-off and other forms of disposal, including tenancies and privatisation of forestry functions and amenities.

Despite acknowledging how much the public value their forests, the government has reneged on its commitment to plan for a sustainable future for forestry.

The government has had two years to put into motion the clear recommendations of the Independent Panel for Forestry, which were welcomed by Defra, other forest campaigners and community groups, conservation groups and forestry industry bodies.  Save Sherwood Forest hope the £900,000 spent on the Panel will not be wasted and its advice will be followed and put into practice by the next government.

For the immediate future, we call on the government to adopt and fully resource the Forestry Commission through a system of Payment for Ecosystems Services.  A comprehensive audit has found that the cost of providing public, cultural and conservation benefits is approximately £22 million per annum which equates to 38 pence per taxpayer per year.  It has also been acknowledged by government that this £22 million annual funding produces a calculated return of more than £400 million in terms of health, environmental and other quantifiable benefits.

Currently the Forestry Commission’s wealth of expertise in woodland management, especially in combating tree disease, maintaining public amenities, education and training, is increasingly compromised by funding falling short by several million pounds per year.  In comparison with other public spending, the amount required from the Treasury is miniscule.

This Government may have failed in its stated intention to pass a law to conserve forests for the benefit of people, nature and the economy – the least it can do is to shore up the Forestry Commission’s work to prevent the Public Forest Estate falling into rack and ruin.

Save Sherwood Forest hope the next Government concludes the unfinished business of preserving and enhancing public forests as one of its first tasks following its formation in 2015.

You can download the PDF of this press release here:  SSF_QS_June2014


2 thoughts on “Save Sherwood Forest’s reaction to the Queen’s speech

  1. Kaye Brennan

    A really useful update thank you folks. Such a waste of a good opportunity! I’m not sure how I feel about ecosytem payments yet, plan to do a bit more reading. I do believe core funding for the estate should be a priority for Gov investment; do you know would forests be able to have this as well, or does the payment by ecosystem services system mean the estate might not then be publicly funded for its own sake?

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